We keep it simple

At Imagery, we love to paint a picture and tell a story.

We are creatively bright, technologically sound and strategically in-tuned.
Team oriented, our foundation was built on the power of great ideas. And, we’re really all about the work.

Our passion drives us to methodically examine market dynamics and understand the importance of consumer behavior. Imagination is our biggest asset and our reach is limitless.

Talk to us, you’ll be glad you did.


Meet Imagery's Executive Team!

  • Julio Sanchez Imagery Creative
    Julio Sanchez
  • Marie Fernandez-Abou Imagery Creative
    Marie Fernandez-Abou
  • Ernie Perez Imagery Creative
    Ernie Perez

Julio Sanchez

Chief Creative Officer

As Founder and CCO, Julio encompasses over 20+ years of professional experience in all aspects of the advertising business; including creative design, strategic branding and keeping Imagery at the forefront of marketing innovation. Mr. Sanchez launched Imagery Creative in 2002 and leads the firm's overall practice, management and day-to-day operations. He is the coach responsible for the company's directional goals and branding Imagery on a national and international level. A native of Philadelphia, PA, Julio was awarded a Full Athletic Scholarship to Florida A&M University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in design with a minor in fine arts. Away from the office, Julio enjoys life with his family and remains an avid sports enthusiast.

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Marie Fernandez-Abou

Managing Director

As Managing Director for Imagery Creative, Ms. Fernandez-Abou brings years of experience in managing client-agency relationships for high-profile companies. Her role at Imagery includes business development, relations management, high-level strategic planning and leading the Imagery Accounts Team. Her industry specialities include Healthcare, Finance, Real Estate Development, and Hospitality. Before joining Imagery, Marie was the Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications for Bayview Financial Trading Group. At Bayview, she managed the strategic marketing efforts of all 8 business units for the Company. Prior to Bayview, she was Director of Marketing for SCG Ventures, a private venture capital firm. Marie's role was to create tactical marketing solutions for all of the firm's investments. SCG Ventures' enterprises included startup companies, restaurants, hotel chains and a private bank.

Ms. Fernandez-Abou received a Master of Arts degree in Marketing Communications studies, with honors, from the University of Miami and she holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Florida State University and completed an International Marketing program at Wirshafts Universitat in Vienna, Austria. She was formerly the President for the American Advertising Federation of Greater Miami amongst other local Board positions and currently serves as the Executive Director of Pack of Dogs, a children centered non-profit. Ms. Fernandez-Abou is married and is a proud mother of three boys. She enjoys yoga, skiing, adventure travel, soccer matches and is a devoted contemporary art connoisseur. Her passion for International experiences coupled with her knowledge of 3 languages positions her perfectly in the dynamic South Florida marketplace.

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Ernie Perez

Creative Director

Ernie is the creative soul behind Imagery's award-wining advertising campaigns. His hard-hitting approach combines a big picture perspective; producing creative solutions that exceed our client’s brand requirements and speak directly to the intended target market. With the continuous changes happening in the advertising industry, Ernie encompass the ingenuity and industry knowledge to stay relevant; developing transcending designs and creative communications that make the work memorable, relevant and insightful. Ernie is responsible for overseeing a team of veteran artist, designers, programmers, copywriters, animators, and production experts - providing direction and management within departments, ensuring a quality end product.

Prior to joining Imagery he had extensive experience working as a senior level Art Director for multiple agencies in South Florida while also gaining experience working with clothing textiles, trade show displays and promotional collateral. Ernie graduated Cum Laude from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communication. Considered in the office as the "Joker", on weekends Ernie enjoys mountain biking and working on VW cars.

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Imagery designs identity systems, digital platforms and brand campaigns that engage today’s consumer.
We plan for the most effective way to communicate your message and get your brand noticed.


Creating the image of your business people will remember.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming / Brand Identity
  • Style Guidelines
  • Startup / Reinvention Strategy
  • Brand Development


We draft and refine creative communications that inspires action.

  • Print Collateral
  • Visual Communications
  • Packaging Design
  • In-store Signage
  • Direct / CRM


Thinking and crafting strategic campaigns that drive sales.

  • Creative Ideas
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Strategic Planning & Consultation
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Promotions


Connecting to the world with interactive experiences on the net.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Advertising
  • Web / Ecommerce
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile


We collaborate to solve problems and tell a unique brand story.

  • Creative Writing
  • Brand Messaging
  • Social Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Delivery


Visual content that collectively gives meaning and generates buzz.

  • Video / Creative Development
  • Post Production / FX
  • Video / Animation
  • Motion Graphics & Compositing
  • Audio Engineering & Sound


There is a genius method to our madness–which governs our system.
The Spark Process was specifically designed to solve our clients’ marketing needs,
by putting people first and finding a brand connection that inspires action.

Sometimes the simplest forms have the greatest complexity.



We help answer three simple questions when determining our approach to advertising and marketing...


A brand must generate demand by demonstrating to make our lives easier, more productive or happier.

The WHY?

Successful brands deliver real life benefits for consumers. The kind people want to talk about and share.

The HOW?

Imagery helps our clients shine by building brand appeal, reinforcing strong links, and creating user experiences that are memorable.



Although we have consistently won awards for creative excellence in advertising and numerous business achievements throughout the years, we are humbled to practice our craft. It is not work, when you love what you do. Everything else (that's good!) seems to fall into place after that.

Over 50+ Addy Awards for creative excellence since 2006, including Best of Show!

American Advertising Federation of Miami - Board of Trustee Membership

Recognition for one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies

Top 100 Minority Owned Business Award

Award for Business of the Year Finalist

American Advertising Agency Association Member

Top 100 South Florida Business Award